University of Helsinki

PhD (Agriculture and Forestry), doc., Professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences

Laura studies soil technology methods for reducing the environmental load of field husbandry and improving the efficiency of plant nutrient use in order to make nutrient cycles more closed.

PhD (Agriculture and Forestry), University Teacher, University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences

Hannu teaches and researches agricultural energy technology. In his work, he seeks to advance energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in agriculture.

In his free time, Hannu tries to keep old agricultural buildings standing and enjoys clearing forest and chopping wood. The summer cottage’s solar power system has to be upgraded and tuned as new electricity consumers turn up.

PhD, University of Helsinki, INAR / Department of Forest Sciences

Terhi has researched carbon cycling in soil, lakes and rivers and is currently working on creating research infrastructure by developing a network of stations for long-term monitoring of the environment. In addition to ecology-related matters, Terhi also dances, studies French, and enjoys being outside. Terhi participated in the brainstorming, design and implementation of the “In the Forest” component of the forest section of the course.

PhD, University of Helsinki

Laura is a meteorologist at the University of Helsinki and coordinates the national development project for climate and sustainability teaching in universities. She has also put together the online courses Ilmasto.nyt ( and Leadership for sustainable change, which are open to all.