University of Eastern Finland

Research Assistant, University of Eastern Finland, Social Geography

Sonja has been involved in creating the course’s transport and sharing economy section together with Jukka Sihvonen and Professor Rauno Sairinen.

She is interested in the relationship between people and nature and in social environmental research. In her free time, she enjoys nature, being with her friends, and films.

Prof., University of Eastern Finland

Rauno Sairinen is Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Eastern Finland and also Scientific Director of the LYY Institute. He has led the sociological mining research group within LYY ( Sairinen’s research topics have included sustainable resource management, social impact assessment, comparative mining policy, Finnish environmental policy in the EU, and sustainable transport and urban policy.

University teacher in environmental policy and as a project researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Jukka Sihvonen works as a university teacher in environmental policy and as a project researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. His research work has focused on questions of local development in relation to community, regional, and environmental planning and in sociological mining research projects. The research has primarily focused on the interaction between different institutions and local actors. Jukka has been involved in putting together the transport and sharing economy section.