LUT University

Prof., DSc (Tech), doc. LUT University

My research and teaching includes fields that deal with overall energy efficiency in manufacture- and assembly-friendly production and in choices that support the sustainable development of structural materials once the functional requirements of the application have been identified.

In my teaching, I seek in particular to highlight the importance of the R4 principle in material selection for the solving of machine design problems.

Professor, Dr., LUT University, Sustainability Science,

Helena leads a research group and develops education in sustainability science. The group strives for understanding preconditions, incentives and solutions for returning to within the planetary boundaries while securing nutrition and energy from local to global scales. Circular and sharing economy and co-creation within science and with actors from public, private and civil society sectors are among keys to such a sustainability transformation.

DSc (Tech), University Teacher, LUT University, School of Energy Systems, Department of Mechanical Engineering

My teaching work is primarily composed of subjects relating to technical design, machine design and mechanics. Both in my teaching and teaching development work, one important source of inspiration is the practical inclusion of the diverse needs of the individual, the economy and the environment in the choices and decisions made during the design process.

Cooperating with different kinds of people enriches both work and free time. In my free time, I can be found in the birdwatching tower or on the volleyball court – or just hanging around.

MA (Phil), MSc in Environmental Technology, Research Assistant, LUT University, Sustainability Science

Laura has produced the introduction, been involved in planning the technical cycles section, and handled general course-related matters together with Sanni Väisänen.

In her free time, Laura is most likely to be found in the forest either orienteering, running or mushroom picking.

MSc (Social Sciences), LUT University, Sustainability Science

Tuuli his working on her doctoral dissertation which relates to the challenges of sustainable urban transport, and examines in particular personal emissions trading and the role of the citizen consumer as part of sustainable urban development. She is an economic sociologist by training, and in her research work has specialised in ecological and ethical consumption and the role of consumption as part of sustainability change. Her research focuses on the social preconditions for sustainability change, including consideration of societal structures, well-being perspectives and the ambiguous meaning of consumption.

With the Kiertotalous.NYT (Circular economy NOW) course, she has been involved in producing the teaching materials for the sharing economy.

Assistant Professor, Sustainability Science, LUT University, Lahti Unit

Villes research focuses particularly on transport and how the energy consumption required for transport could be reduced, and also on how this required energy could be produced sustainably. He is also involved in circular economy projects.

PhD, Environmental Technology, LUT University, Sustainability Science

Sanni works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Lappeenranta University of Technology’s sustainability research group and teaches subjects including life-cycle analysis and circular economy as part of the Degree Programme in Environmental Technology. Sanni spends most of her free time on swimming, music, sailing daydreams and reading, and is happiest in lakeside landscapes. She is the project coordinator.