In the debates of the 2010s, the circular economy has been put forward as one way to reduce the use of the earth's limited resources. In Finland too, there is an awareness of the need for expertise in the circular economy. The Circular study module meets this need by offering university-level education in the principles of the circular economy.

The Circular Economy.Now module includes written materials, video interviews and lectures, assignments, tests as well as a teacher’s guide. The module consists of five different sections. In the first section, students examine the current use of resources and the related challenges and learn about the circular economy model. Sections 2–5 dive deep into the following themes from the perspective of the circular economy: a sustainable food system, forest-based cycles, technical cycles, and transportation and the sharing economy.

Circular is a 3 to 5-credit module that focuses on learning and teaching the principles of the circular economy. The module can be utilised as either a three-credit e-learning course, or as a broader five-credit hybrid course managed by a responsible teacher as part of a university’s own curriculum. The module does not feature any prerequisites and is suited for students in all disciplines, and can also be used for other training purposes, such as within organisations or companies. The online teaching materials are accessible to all. The preparation work for the Circular module will be completed in spring 2019 and the module will be available to everyone beginning on autumn 2019.

The module has been implemented in cooperation with Lappeenranta University of Technology, the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland. The main funding provider is Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, whose main themes include a carbon-neutral circular economy. The Circular study module was designed and produced in cooperation with the project that was initiated in 2016.

Let’s create a more sustainable future for us and for future generations.

You can access the MOOC Helsinki course platform via the “start studying” box below. We recommend that you read through the study guide before you begin the course. PLEASE NOTICE, that the course is available from August 2019.

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!Because we need efficient methods for managing the challenges related to our planet’s explosive population growth, diminishing natural resources and climate crisis. With the help of the circular economy, we can use new operating models to create a sustainable way of living and acting on our precious home planet.

The objectives of the course

Using good ideas to promote sustainable development – research, ponder, discuss, exchange opinions.

Objective 1
Develop an overall image of the circular economy and understand its basic principles.
Objective 2
Understand the problems related to the way we consume resources today and how the circular economy can help in solving these problems.
Objective 3
Familiarise yourself with the methods that could promote the circular economy.
Objective 4
Form a vision of the practical actions that could be utilised in different sectors to promote the circular economy.